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January 23 - January 30, 2015




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whats up with the job search?

By Calvin Hastings - Listen to Calvin on the radio M-F 6am-8am on 1050AM, 1390AM & 1590AM

By Calvin Hastings - Listen to Calvin on the radio M-F 6am-8am on 1050AM, 1390AM & 1590AM

What’s Up in Local Sports

By Calvin Hastings

The search is on for a new Athletic Director for Gaston County.  Effective March 1st, 2015 Dennis Noble  will be leaving the position because of a personal matter.  Noble has served as Athletic Director since 2009 after replacing Butch Adams.  The new athletic director will oversee the athletic programs for the middle school and high schools in the county along with maintaining the driver’s education program in Gaston County.  We at the What’s Up Shopper and KTC Broadcasting, Inc. want to thank Dennis for what he’s done for our companies and helping us to broadcast audio and video coverage of our local high schools.  We wish him the best of luck!

East Lincoln quarterback Chazz Surratt was named the NCPreps.com North Carolina football player of the year.  Surratt was presented the Arnold R. Solomon Award.  Surratt led the Mustangs to a perfect 16-0 season and the 2AA State Championship.  Surrantt completed 66.3 percent of his passes for 4,349 yards and 53 touchdowns.  He also rushed for 1,272 yards and 20 touchdowns. Surratt has yet to lose on the basketball court as well, leading the Mustangs to a 9-0 record as of print date.  So the Surratt brothers are now 25-0 this season in football and basketball!

Former South Point Red Raider Perry Fewell has been dismissed as the defensive coordinator for the New York Giants.  Fewell held that position for five seasons under head coach Tom Coughlin and helped lead the Giants to a Super Bowl four years ago.

The Cleveland County Tennis Association will be hosting a tournament March 20th and 21st at three different locations in Shelby. The tournament will be held at the Shelby City Park, Suttle courts at the former Shelby Middle School and the David Schweppe Memorial Courts at Shelby High School.  Play will include men’s singles and doubles, women’s singles and doubles, mixed doubles and open classifications.  For entry forms contact the Shelby City Park.

Highland Tech and East Lincoln have each cracked the Wells Fargo Cup Standings after the fall sports season.  Highland Tech is 13th in the state 1A standings and East Lincoln is 5th in the state 2A standings.  The Wells Fargo Cup recognizes high schools that achieve the best overall scholastic athletic performance within each of the state’s four competitive classifications.

Earl Groves will be honored on February 21st with a special banquet.  Groves was the coach for the Gastonia Men’s Business club “Little Orangemen” youth football teams in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.  The event will be held at the Gastonia Conference Center and will begin at 6:00 pm.  Tickets are $30.00 per person.  Groves teams won national titles in 1960, 1962 and 1964.

january 9, 2015



What’s Up Scholar-Athlete

What’s Up Shopper / WOHS 1390AM

McDonad’s Scholar-Athlete


Blanton Gillespie a senior at Shelby High School is the McDonald’s/WOHS/What’s Up Shopper Scholar Athlete of the Month for December 2014. Kyle is a member of the Cross Country and Track teams at Shelby.  In his sophomore year he won the State Championship in the one mile run.

Blanton has earned a 5.03 GPA while taking numerous advanced placement classes including English, US Government and Politics, Calculus BC and Psychology.

Blanton is a member of the Beta Club, National Honor Society, Student Government and Teen Rebublicans.

Upon Graduation, Blanton plans to attend either Lousiana State University, Wake Forest University, East Carolina University or the University of North Carolina, Asheville.  He wants to study Medicine and become a doctor.

Blanton is the son of Phillip and Traci Gillespie of Shelby.  He is a member of First Baptist Church of Shelby. Among his community activities, Blanton runs with Boys in the Runners program at Jefferson Elementary School.

The McDonald’s/WOHS/What’s Up Shopper Scholar Athlete Award is sponsored by the McDonald’s Restaurants in Shelby and Kings Mountain, WOHS Radio and The What’s Up Shopper.  The purpose of the award is to recognize a student athlete not only for accomplishments in athletics but also for achievements in the classroom and for overall school and community citizenship.



By Kevin Hastings  / @KevinHastings

Every week of the NFL season we eliminate one team from Super Bowl contention.  This is my opinion only and it is not a power poll.  To be a Top 12 team, you have to be qualified for the playoffs.  This week we say goodbye to few teams that knocked out of last week’s Wild Card playoff round.


Arizona Cardinals (11-6) The Cardinals have just been snake bitten in recent years and this season was no different.  No one had worse luck at the quarterback position and going into Carolina, they had no chance.  A few things about Ryan Lindley starting brings up questions.  Is there no one else on this huge planet that can throw a football better than him?  That was awful.  The fact they didn’t even attempt to sign anyone tells you either there was no one, or the owner/GM is cheap.  The bad luck they’ve had, is the complete opposite Carolina has had.  Not only did Carolina get into the playoffs at 7-8-1; not only did they receive a home game; they also got the banged up Cardinals with no quarterback at home.  Fact is, Carolina would have been the underdog to any other team in the playoffs not named Detroit.  Goodbye Arizona and goodbye Larry Fitzgerald.

Cincinnati Bengals (10-6-1, #5 AFC) Marvin Lewis, 12 years, 0 playoff wins.

Detroit Lions (11-6) Cheated! Fixed! Outrageous! Feelings Lions and for some strange reason, Panthers fans everywhere are screaming. That’s how you know the Dallas Cowboys are back and still America’s Team.  You haven’t made the playoffs in 4 years and won only 1 playoff game since ‘95 and people are screaming that the NFL fixes games for Dallas!  C’mon man!  Seriously if anything it’s the opposite.  Since the three super bowls, the NFL has made the Emmitt Smith, Jason Witten, Roy Williams and Terrell Owens rules.  The Cowboys missed the playoffs one year because Dez Bryant’s pinkie was out of bounds.  His PINKIE!  If there was/has been a thought that the fix was in for Dallas, the pinkie game and the last 20 years proves there wasn’t. As for Detroit, well as always, they’re the Detroit Lions.  Goodbye Motor City!

Pittsburgh Steelers (11-6) My AFC  Super Bowl pick from before the season just couldn’t pull it off versus the division rival Ravens.  Joe Flacco has been Joe Cool in the playoffs over his career.  The only person he can’t beat is Armanti Edwards!  As for the Steelers I love Big Ben but he just doesn’t have the defensive support he needed especially without Bell.  They are one more year away.  Goodbye Pittsburgh.


8. Carolina Panthers (8-8-1) First things first, let’s congratulate the defense on a game well played.  Let’s also give our thoughts and prayers to Ron RIvera’s family whose home burned down Sunday night.  We’ve already covered how incredibly lucky Carolina is to even be in the situation they were in on Sunday.  But they did take care of business on the defensive side and also running the ball.  The bad news is they have to go to Seattle and you’re not beating them with this Pop Warner offense the Panthers are running.  If you ask anyone (Panthers fans) about the quarterbacks Sunday, most would say Lindley was terrible and Cam was terrific.  Well, Lindley was 16-28.  Cam was 18-32.  So either Lindley was closer to great than we thought or Cam, as usual, was closer to pathetic.  He has no touch on his ball, period.  The same Panthers fans have said for years Michael Vick wasn’t a quarterback are now talking about how good Cam is.  Folks, let’s slow down.  Cam would make a great running back now, but he’s not a passer.  I heard one radio show ask this week if “this is the best Panthers team ever.” Wow!  It’s amazing what one playoff win over a crappy team with no quarterback can do for a fan base.  Well, we will see next week what the comments are when Seattle destroys them this weekend.  Carolina has to win this game if they want to finish with at least a .500 record for the entire season and playoffs.  Although, I wouldn’t bet on Cam Newton winning a road playoff game versus a real team and real quarterback.

7.  Indianapolis Colts (12-5) Luck got his first playoff win this weekend but it was almost a gimme versus the Marvin Lewis lead Cincinnatti Bengals.  This week he will have to travel to face the ghosts of Colts past in Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

6.  Denver Broncos (12-4) We are about to find out for sure if the Peyton Manning is healthy or not.  Isn’t it fun/sad that since 2000 we’ve had Brady or Manning in almost every single AFC Championship game?

5.  Baltimore Ravens (11-6) I’ve got the Ravens ahead of Manning because I trust Joe Flacco 1,000,000 times more than I do Peyton Manning in the playoffs, especially in the cold.  Manning’s biggest mistake of his comeback was choosing cold-weather Denver over Houston or San Francisco.  We haven’t even discussed the Ravens defense  yet.  I just believed that the NFL would never let this Ravens team succeed after the Ray Rice incident and NFL coverup.

4.  Dallas Cowboys (13-4) How ‘bout them Cowboys! While everyone will talk about the mishandled non-pass interference call, that didn’t decide the game.  What decided the game was Dallas’ defense holding the Lions to only 3 second half points.  Even if the Lions would have gotten that call, they still needed to score a TD to take the lead.  They also had 8 minutes left in the game to score. Some Panthers fans complaining about the call, apparently forgot last season’s New England game where the refs picked up a flag on Keuchly for tackling Gronk in the endzond.  You can’t have your cake and eat it too folks.

I’ve got the ‘Boys ranked behind Green Bay and Seattle because they  have to travel to both if they want to make it to a Super Bowl. It’s going to be tough but I think Romo can pull this one off.

3.  Green Bay Packers (12-4) I got the Packers slightly ahead of Dallas right now because they do have a home game.  Everyone’s favorite quarterback Aaron Rodgers has the Pack 8-0 at home while Romo has Dallas at 8-0 on the road.  When you look at the matchups, stats and intangibles, we could be getting ready to watch one of the greatest NFL games in history.  Get your popcorn ready folks!

2.  Seattle Seahawks (12-4) Watch out Seattle! The best Panthers team in history is headed your way at 8-8-1. My only concern for the Seahawks in this game is that they’re not looking ahead to next week and take Carolina for granted by letting them hang around in the game.  This should be a Seattle cakewalk.

1. New England Patriots (12-4) Since 2001 we haven’t had a Super Bowl without Brady, Manning, Roethlisberger or Flacco. One down, three to go.



4. Panthers @ 1. SEAHAWKS

3. COWBOYS @ 2. Packers

6. Ravens @ 1. PATRIOTS

4. Colts @ 2. Broncos


3. COWBOYS @ 1. Seahawks

2. Broncos @ 1. Patriots


COWBOYS over Steelers



Remember the last pick’em began last week.

There are no more games to guess this season.

Sloan Is Making A Difference In Lives

I f you are a senior citizen or diabetic you probably have some kind of foot problem:  fungus, callous, thick nails, scaley skin: You Need Help!  Keep reading!

Sloan Fortenbery, a licensed Nail Tech, has been taking care of senior citizens and diabetic’s feet for 14 years.  While taking care of her father she realized a real need for someone to take care of senior citizens feet.  After retiring, she went back to school and got her Nail Tech certification. But she did not stop there.  Sloan wanted to leare more about different foot problems.

Sloan did almost a year of internship with Dr. Ronald Maskarinec, Podiatrist, in Shelby NC.  A letter from Dr. Maskarinec states that Sloan learned of numerous foot problems, how to treat those that she could, and when to refer other problems to a podiatrist.  Sloan and Dr. Maskarinec still work together.  She refers patients to him and he refers clients to her.  In the letter, which is posted in her salon, Dr. Maskarinec recommends her highly.

One of Sloan’s clients in Shallotte says she had went to several posidatrists and numerous nail salons but after Sloan got through with her feet they never felt so good.

Sloan has a salon, It’s Your Feet, Plus in Cherryville NC but also travels to surrounding counties doing house calls for those who cannot come to her. Sloan is in Shalotte the first full week of each month at the Legacy Salon, which is near Burg Dog Grill and close to Home Depot.  You can make an appointment at 707-460-8669.  Don’t be afraid to ask how much she charges, you probably will be surprised.


Let’s Talk Bible -  Since 1975

By Evangelist  W.C. “Dub” Dellinger

If I asked you what it takes to please your Savior, the above title would be your answer.  That washes out the gimmie, gimmie life and you are in the hands of the Lord looking toward Heaven.  “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotton son”  to redeem it. We did not ask him to do that.  If we get to where He wants us to be we must ask from our innermost being.  If we are sincere He will respond to us.  It is high time that we stop trusting the church for redemption.  The one above says to ask Him.  When it comes from a lonely heart He will respond and you will feel it and never forget the time and place it happens.  You want to tell others what the Lord has done for you.  When you do He grants you salvation that paves the way to Heaven.  Then you start working for him and let Him direct what you say and do. Who knows, another Billy Graham might emerge.  Keep in mind that our God has let come forth every word you say for Him and it can be heard all over the world.  This is alot better than when Jesus walked the earth.  His word had to be passed around by word of mouth and written on scrolls.  When man interprets the word he has to be careful to get it right.  We sometimes trust in education instead of the Lord. Alot of preachers agree with this but still do not change.  It seems to me that you have to have a reputation now a days to be a preacher.  The Savior reads your heart, mind and soul when he picks you.  He knows you better that you know yourself.  You only have to look at the finishing touches he put on Paul.  He was struck blind on the Damascus Road and remained that way until he sent a man to Pray over Paul.  Paul was filled with the Holy Spirit and then regained his sight.  When you received the Holy Ghost baptism a good Bible can then reveal to you depths you never could see before.  A King James Bible comes from the first scrolls and has been proven correct, stay with it.  If you don’t you can wander out in the woods and get lost.  Then you must turn to the Lord for help.  If you have gotten caught up in this it is not too late.  Get down on your knees and ask the Lord to help you and if it comes from your innermost being I can assure you help will come.

“Going Out With My Boots On!”

What’s Up with Thinkin’ Bout It

By Dr. Vincent Hefner First Baptist Church of Cherryville

Have you ever wondered how our “old sayings” became “old sayings?” Take for instance, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too?” This sage old saying has never made any sense to me. Why would you want cake if you couldn’t eat it? The whole idea of baking or buying a cake is to eat it. I have never made a cake to just look at it. Another saying I have heard my entire life is, “Take it like a man!”  When I was a child and would get hurt and tell my mother about my pain, she would tell me to be quiet and, “take it like a man!” What is that suppose to mean to an 8-year-old child? If being a man means you never cry out when you are in pain, then being a man is “tough” business! How about the old saying, “You made your bed now sleep in it?” I have never wanted to make up my bed only to lay on top of the covers! I honestly believe the only reason my wife and I make up our bed is if we are involved in an accident away from home and family members come to check on our house, then they would see our house is in order. I wouldn’t want anyone to criticize me, while I am in the hospital, by whispering to other family members, “Vince’s house was mess when we went inside…He didn’t even make up his bed!” Am I the only one who has thought these things through to their logical conclusions?

One saying that makes sense to me is, “I’m going out with my boots on.” This means that I want to be working and useful for the Kingdom of God as long as I am alive. However, this saying took on another meaning altogether several years ago. I went trout fishing with one of my deacons up to Wilson’s Creek. We arrived at the creek at sun up to catch the trout by surprise. In order to catch the big fish you must fish the big holes, and if you are familiar with the “gorge,” you know what I’m talking about. There is always an excitement in the air when one starts out trout fishing, simply because there is always the chance to catch a real big trout!  After a few minutes of getting all of the gear adjusted, we were in the water. My deacon called out to come where he was fishing because he saw some trout. I was on a big, and I mean big rock that sloped into a deep, and I mean deep, dark hole. In my excitement, I thought I could save time and walk across the rock instead of backing up and going around it. I was wrong! I slipped into the hole, which was full of water. No problem, I have fallen into creeks all over North Carolina and never been hurt, until now. I immediately tossed my fishing pole upon the bank believing that in just a few seconds I would retrieve it. I was wrong once again! As I tried to get out of the fishing hole my hip waiters filled up with water and before I knew it I was beginning to sink to the bottom. I told myself to keep calm, but that really didn’t help anything because I still could not get out of the fishing hole. Then the strangest thought came to mind, “Vince, you said you always wanted to go out with your boots on!”  Then I prayed, “Lord, I did not mean my fishing boots!” I have always wanted to be a fisherman of men, but not fish food!

What did I learn from this fishing trip? First, I can’t walk on water. Second, fishing boots are good to keep water out and are good at keeping water in. Third, what looks safe one minute can change to something dangerous. Fourth, the next time I want to eat fish I will go the Red Lobster. Fifth, a good deacon can save your life!

Psalm 139:9-10 says, “If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there your hand shall lead me, and your right hand shall hold me.”  The sixth and final thing I learned is that you better make the most of each day God gives you, for it could be your last. Are you ready?

Think about it!