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April 18, 2014

April 18, 2014


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What’s Up with Billy

What’s Up in Local Sports with Calvin

By Calvin Hastings

By Calvin Hastings

Hats off to JD Motorsports.   Owner Johnny Davis honored former NASCAR driver and team owner and Shelby native Billy Standridge last week.    Standridge lost his battle with cancer last weekend.   Davis worked as Standridge’s crew chief, engine builder, truck driver and mechanic.  Standridge ran 23 Cup races and 84 Nationwide events.  I remember seeing a picture of Billy racing side by side with Richard Petty in the lobby of his Auto Parts store in Shelby.   I used to play a little softball with Billy for Standridge Auto Parts back in the day.   We weren’t too good, but we did have fun!   JD Motorsports entered three cars in last week’s VFW Sports Clip Help a Hero 200 Nationwide Series race at Darlington.  The three cars carried a decal honoring Billy and his former racing team.   The JDM Chevrolets were driven by Landon Cassill, Jeffrey Earnhardt and Kevin Lapage.  They’ll be featured in other races throughout the year.   Farewell to a friend!

North Gaston’s Johnathan Jenkins won his second straight Big South 3A  singles championship with a 6-0,6-1 win over Carlos Morales of South Point.  Jenkins has now qualified for  the regionals for the fourth straight year at Jackson Park in Hendersonville.

Adam Nesnow won the big South 2A singles crown last week with a 1-6, 7-5, 10-5 win over Sebastian Eckman of Lake Norman Charter.

Jeff Friday and Griffin Harwell of Forestview won the Big South 3A doubles tennis championship.

Fishing business is good!   Shelby’s Matt Arey won the Walmart FLW Tour Tournament last weekend at Beaver Lake, Arkansas.  The win was worth $125,000 and also included an extra $25,000 as a Ranger Cup bonus.  Bryan Thrift of Shelby won a similar tournament about three weeks ago.  Thrift finished 11th this past weekend and took home $12,000.

The Southern Piedmont 1A Track and Field Championships were held last week.  For the girls, Bessemer City placed first followed by Lincoln Charter, Community School of Davidson, Thomas Jefferson, Pine Lake Prep, Highland Tech and Cherryville.  Christina Famulari of Lincoln Charter was named the Girls Most Outstanding in the field events and Malia Ellington of the Community School of Davidson was named Most Outstanding in the track events.  Bryan Nichols of Bessemer City was named the girls Coach of the Year.

For the Southern Piedmont boys, Cherryville placed first followed by Thomas Jefferson, Community School of Davidson, Bessemer City, Highland Tech, Lincoln Charter and Pine Lake Prep.  Monquez Moore of the Community School of Davidson was named Most Outstanding in the field events and Trentavis Friday of Cherryville was named Most Outstanding in the track events.  Keith Fox of Cherryville was named the Coach of the Year.

The Kings Mountain Country Club had its annual Spring Classic last week.  First flight winners included Bryant Wells for gross and Josh Etters for net.  In the second flight, Tony Cooke took first in gross and Kenny Walker first in net.  For the seniors, Larry Dunn took first for gross and Tony Wells finished first in net.  Pierce Robinson placed first in gross for juniors and Tyler Withers placed first in net.

The 33rd annual Shelby Invitational Track Meet was held last week at Blanton Memorial Stadium in Shelby.  Shelby placed first followed by Forestview, Crest, Kings Mountain, Chase, South Point, North Gaston, East Rutherford, Hunter Huss, Burns and RS Central.

Speaking of golf, Herbert Daniels scored his first ever hole in one after 40 years of playing.  Daniels aced the 149 yard par three number 17 hole at the Kings Mountain Country Club last week.  The shot was witnessed by Luther Brooks, James Camp and Robert Marable.

Lincolnton’s Soauntarrious Brunt has signed a letter of intent to play football at James Madison University.  Brunt was a defensive back for the Wolves and received a full scholarship.  Brunt led the Wolves and Lincoln County in tackles with 126.

North Lincoln’s Caitlin Potter has signed a national letter of intent to run cross country and track and field at South Carolina.

The Big South 2A/3A Conference has handed out its year end awards.  Johnathan  Jenkins of North Gaston was named the Player of the Year and Richard Carsner of Ashbrook was named the Coach of the Year.   Ashbrook won the dual team title with a 7-0 conference mark and 13-1 overall.  Forestview placed second with South Point third.

The Kings Mountain Middle School Patriots won the Tri-County Conference soccer championship with a 1-0 win over North Lincoln.  Kings Mountain finishes their season with a record of 11-0-1.

Kings Mountain won the South Mountain Athletic Conference tennis regular season championship with a 7-2 win over Shelby last week.  The tournament will be held this week.  The Mountaineers are 7-0 in conference play and 9-0 overall.

North Gaston’s Mariel Finger won the girls pole vault at the Taco Bell Track and Field Classic Saturday at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, S.C.   Finger cleared the bar at 12 feet which is the highest mark in North Carolina this season.

Cherryville’s Trentavis Friday won the boys 100 meters at the Taco Bell Track and Field Classic.  Friday finished in 10.50 seconds.

Pairings have been set for the 2014 Shelby Easter Tournament.  On Monday, Crest takes on West Lincoln at 4:00 pm followed by Shelby and South Caldwell at 7:00 pm.   On Tuesday, Kings Mountain will meet the Chase JV team at 4:00 pm followed by Burns and Chase at 7:00 pm.  The tournament championship is set for Thursday night at 7:30 pm.  All games will be played at Keeter Stadium/Veteran’s Field at Shelby High School.

The American Legion World Series board honored Eddie Holbrook on Tuesday by naming the entrance to Veteran’s Field at Keeter Stadium for Eddie Holbrook.  Holbrook co-chairs the World Series committee along with Jim Horn.


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The Fly That Would Not Die

What’s Up with Thinkin’ Bout It

By Dr. Vincent Hefner - First BaptisT in Cherryville

I had waited all winter for that one, exciting moment. I thought about when it snowed and rained, and when it was too cold to go outside. Yes, I had patiently (I had no other option) waited for the Atlanta Braves Opening Day Baseball season. I had purchased snacks, watched the pre-game show, and was wondering if the Braves could go 162-0 this season. Nothing was going to bother me while I savored my favorite sport, baseball. Everything was going just as I had anticipated until the unanticipated happened. The cable did not cut off, the phone did not ring, and no body was knocking at my front door. It was…a house fly. He was small, but he was fast! At first I thought I was seeing things, because he would seemingly appear and disappear in the twinkling of an eye. My wife was working on her computer in the room, and she claimed she didn’t see anything. Now, my eyes were off the game and staring into space until “Freddie the Fly” showed himself. I was hoping he would fly into another part of the house and leave me to my opening day game, but the fly would have no part of that!

I want you to know that I don’t like the thought of hurting anything, not even a fly. But this fly had violated all the rules of baseball etiquette, and it was his time to go to that Great Fly House in the Sky. My only problem was deciding on how to dispose of an insect in a humane fashion. I looked for bug spray, but I was completely out. He was too fast for a rolled up newspaper or fly swatter, and reasoning him out of the room was out of the question. The only weapon I could find to hamper this house fly with supercharged wings was a can of hair spray. I figured this was an excellent choice since most house flies eventually land on a mirror to check out their look; they must be vain, and hopefully this fly’s vanity would lead to his demise. I thought about lighting a match when I sprayed the hair spray, to make a flame thrower, but I thought better. I didn’t want to catch my house on fire or blow off my hand for the sake of an aggravating fly who had overstayed his welcome. I figured if I sprayed the hair spray in the room I would eventually get him. This was the part of my plan that I didn’t think through completely to its logical conclusion. I used at least a half a can of hair spray for one small fly. Hair spray landed on my television, furniture, ceiling fan, my wife, my wife’s computer, and the snacks that I prepared for the game. After the ordeal, I was light-headed and I couldn’t taste food or drink for the rest of the evening. Was it worth it? Ask me at the All-Star Break!

Throughout life we all have things that bother us and cause us difficulty. The question is: How do we handle these challenges? Sometimes, I overreact to insignificant problems and under react to the important problems. I have been told that you can tell how big a man is by how little of a thing it takes to make him mad. It is my goal to spiritually grow everyday, and when I make a mistake, I want to learn not to repeat it. Hebrews 12:15 says, “Looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble, and by this many become defiled.” I have discovered that any mistake that I don’t live up to, or that I cannot or will not learn from is nothing but a breeding ground for future problems. In other words, I will not use hair spray as an insecticide inside my home, and you can quote me on this! How about you? Have you made any mistakes that you have not dealt with? If not, sin, like hair spray, will take away your taste for the finer things in life!

Remember, Don’t Give Into Sin! Think About It!

A Man, A Needle, And Some Thread

What’s Up with Dr. Bo

By Dr. Bo Wagner is pastor of the Cornerstone Baptist  Church of Mooresboro, NC, and   author of several books.  His books are available  at  www.wordofhismouth.com

I blame my grandfather, really, it simply must be his fault.  He grew up through the Great

Depression, and as a result, spent the rest of his life taking frugality to unheard of levels.  I remember many times tipping up the salad dressing bottle, and having it “Blorp!” out all over my salad as if it was water.  My grandfather (I called him Giddo) had struck again, mixing vinegar in the dressing to make it go farther.

Whenever he found something on sale he would buy it in extreme bulk, for instance, 20 or 30 jars of mayonnaise at a time.  He would buy things like creme cheese with pineapple and jalapeno flavoring, wondering aloud at the amazing price of ten cents per container.  One bite, though, would make the price understandable!

And so it must be my grandfather’s fault that I am becoming just like him, albeit in my own unique ways.  Of late the frugality gene has taken over my thinking.  I am apparently pre-programmed to become Giddo 3.0, since my uncle Chip is clearly becoming 2.0.

I have always been ultra careful with money, but in recent months I have picked up even more money saving habits.  One of those habits is what I call “A man, a needle, and some thread.”  In short, I have taught myself how to hand sew things that need to be repaired!  I now sew on buttons that have fallen off, and I especially enjoy sewing up any item of clothing that has somehow ripped or torn.

My jeans are my favorite targets in all of this.  I tend to tear them with alarming regularity.  But my “Frankenstein stitch” (my wife’s name for what I do) has fixed them all, and given them new life.  Dana, for her part, shakes her head in amazement, winces at my overkill stitching methodology, and reminds me that new jeans are really not that expensive.

Most of society accepts that a man’s list of duties, ahem, does not include stitching torn clothing!  But for me, it does as much good to my heart as it does to our budget.  You see, I enjoy feeling like I have taken something that would have been thrown away, and given it new life…

Many years ago, the Lord did something along the same lines, but infinitely better, for me.  I was torn, oh, so badly torn.  I had been born a sinner (Romans 5:12), I had chosen to act on that sin (Romans 3:23), and I was perishing and headed for hell (Romans 6:23, Luke 16:19-31).  But, Jesus came by with a scarlet thread, and when He was done with me I was not “like new,” I was totally new!  2 Corinthians 5:17 says “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”

Each week I look out across my church auditorium and see people who used to be drunks, used to be drug addicts, used to be fornicators, used to be adulterers, used to be blasphemers.  But in the words of 1 Corinthians 6:11 “And such WERE some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.”

The best man can ever do by his own efforts is a “Frankenstein stitch” that merely extends the usefulness of that which is heading for destruction.  But when Jesus comes along with the scarlet thread, He can take that which is old, do away with it entirely, and make it brand new!

I will continue my frugal, sewing ways.  But each time I do, I will smile at the realization of what One far greater than I can do with someone that is worthy of nothing but being thrown away.

Godly Sorry

Let’s Talk Bible - Since 1975

By Evangelist W.C. “Dub” Dellinger

We, that is most of us, have from our youth have grown up saying to one that you bumped in to, “I am sorry I did not mean to bump into you”, We pass it off and that is Very good manner. I do believe it pleases our Savior to use our manners. Maybe we promised a friend that you would be at their home at an appointed time, then Something comes along that distracts your memory for a short time then you run to the phone and say please forgive me. I will be there in ten minutes, And all is well when you get there. Then for some reason you get mad and before you get a hold of yourself you say a lot of things that you feel bad over and once again you ask for forgiveness and it is alright and you go on your way. Then you make promises to yourself that you will never do that again. You remind yourself that you acted childish and   feel bad all over about it. You say I will keep my promise, I will never do that again. Then one day you say I wonder why I did those things and then feel so bad about doing them again. Then you hear your Preacher or a Teacher at your Church say, Paul said we all have sinned and come short of the Glory of GOD. We all need to be forgiven if we want to go to HEAVEN. The Pastor says Paul the writer in our Bible went through the same things we go through today. One day He was forgiven. Not just because he asked, it was because he was really sorry for the life he had lived and a true and loving Savior forgave him, and he was free of every sin that he had ever committed. I realize now that all sin how little or big is against God’s Will and has to be forgiven for me to get to Heaven. Now I hear my Pastor say that there will not be ONE SIN in Heaven. He said when I get sorry enough for my sins that God will forgive me of them. I heard our Pastor say that Brother Paul was without sight and did not eat for three days when His sins were forgiven. You see old mean Saul came to the point that He had Godly sorry for his sins. Later on he wrote in 2-COR 7, “ Now I rejoice, not that ye were made sorry, But that ye sorrowed to repentance.” Then V-10- “For Godly sorrow worketh repentance to Salvation [not to be repented of}”.  WHY? Because godly sorrow is repenting from the Heart. But sorrow of the World worketh Death. All people today when they have repented unto Salvation becomes a spiritual JEW. Not male or female but a Saint, Literally a high Priest in God’s sight. As a High Priest you have the right to call on your Savior. He is your ADVOCATE. You have direct communication with Him and He will listen to you. You felt His spirit come into you when you Were born again as Jesus told NICODEMUS. John 3:3 “VERILY, VERILY, I say unto thee, Except a man be Born again He can not see the Kingdom of GOD.” And the Bible says you become a new Creation.

APRIL 11, 2014



What’s Up With The Player of the Year?

What’s Up in Local Sports with Calvin

By Calvin Hastings

By Calvin Hastings

Every time I sit down to work on the week’s sports its seems Shelby’s Gabe DeVoe has added another honor.  This time DeVoe was named the Associated Press boys high school basketball Player of the Year.  Devoe led the state in scoring with 34 points per game along with 10.4 rebounds per game.   He had earlier been named to the boys All-State team.  Devoe will be heading to Clemson this fall.  Jamie Cherry of West Craven was named the Associated Press girls high school basketball Player of the Year after averaging 33.2 points per game.

Gardner Webb Lady Bulldog center Catrina Green has been named to the North Carolina Sports Information Association University Division All-State Women’s Basketball Team.  Green averaged 14.3 points and 10.9 rebounds per game this year with the Bulldogs.

Former Forestview Jaguar and Belmont Abbey star pitcher Aaron Rumburg tossed a no hitter last week for the Crusaders in a win over North Greenville.  Rumburg missed a perfect game by hitting a batter with two outs in the 9th inning.

The Gaston County Track and Field Championships finished up last Wednesday.  The Forestview Lady Jaguars took first followed by Ashbrook, South Point, Stuart Cramer, Hunter Huss, East Gaston, North Gaston, Highland Tech and Bessemer City.  Emeri Crawford of Ashbrook was named Girls Most Outstanding in Field competition.  Rebecca Rudisill of Highland Tech was named Girls Most Outstanding in Track competition.  Emmoni Reid of Forestview was named Girls Most Outstand Overall.

For the boys, Ashbrook placed first followed by Forestview, Cherryville, East Gaston, South Point, North Gaston, Highland Tech, Hunter Huss, Stuart Cramer and Bessemer City.  Charles Erwin of Ashbrook was named Boys Most Outstanding in the Field events.  Trentavis Friday of Cherryville was named Most Outstanding in Track events and Josh Dawkins of Forestview was named Most Outstanding Overall.

The Cleveland County Track and Field Championships were held last week.  For the girls, Kings Mountain placed first followed by Shelby, Crest and Burns.  Shelby won the boys division followed by Crest, Kings Mountain and Burns.

Hats off to Steve Barkley of Belmont.  Barkley recently had his fifth hole in one at Green Meadows on hole number 15.   It was his fourth hole in one in the past eight months.  Barkley used a pitching wedge to ace the 102 yard par three hole.  Odds for an amateur to have a hole in one are 12,500 to 1.

The 2014 football schedule has been released for the Gardner Webb Bulldogs.  The Dogs will open their season on the road at Furman on August 30th.  Their first home game will be September 13th against Virginia University of Lynchburg.

Hats off to the Kings Mountain girls and the Shelby girls as they finished second and third respectively in the 47th annual Times-News Invitational track meet in Polk County last weekend.

There will be a free golf clinic on April 23rd for boys and girls ages 5-16 headed up by Clemson University head golf coach Larry Penley.  The program will be held from 4:30 till 6:30 at the O’Darey Mountain View Golf Center on Hickory Grove Road in Gastonia.  There will be space available for 40 kids.  To register call the Gaston County Parks and Recreation at 704-922-2164.

Forestview’s Tommy Hunn has committed to play baseball at Belmont Abbey.  Hunn is currently hitting .294 with the Jaguars.

There’s going to be a lot of baseball in Gastonia this weekend.  The United States Speciality Sports Association Beast of the East Dual Super NIT will be in Gastonia this weekend with 104 teams playing at 10 locations.  The tournament is for ages 8-14 with teams from North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia, Delaware, Michigan and Ohio.  Games will be played at Ferguson Park, Poston Park, Martha Rivers Park, Phillips Center, Sims Legion Park, Harper Park in Stanley, the Gaston County Park at Bessemer City and the Gaston County Park at Tryon.  Around 3,000 visitors will be in town this weekend.  The winner in each age group will advance for the Elite World Series and the Louisville Slugger Championship.


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