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july 25, 2014



Watch Shelby Post 82 vs Hope Mills - Friday, July 25th at 9am

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Watch Shelby Post 82 on WOHS 1390AM.com

Watch Shelby Post 82 on WOHS 1390AM.com

Gaston Braves vs Wilmington Post 10 - NCALB State Tournament from Lexington, NC at 12:30pm on Friday, July 25th

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What’s Up With the American Legion State Tournament?

By Calvin Hastings - KTC Broadcasting, Inc
By Calvin Hastings - KTC Broadcasting, Inc

Local Sports with Calvin

Shelby Post 82 won its second straight Area IV title with a 5-3 win Sunday night over the Gaston Braves.  Shelby won the three game series two games to none and improved to 36-1 on the season.  It was their ninth Area IV championship.   The good news for the Gaston Braves is that they’ll move on to the state tournament this weekend in Lexington with Shelby Post 82.  The Braves are now 24-3 on the season.  Shelby Post 82 will meet the Area 2 runner up at 9:30 AM on Friday  while the Gaston Braves will face the Area 2 champion at 12:30 PM on Friday.  WOHS, WCSL and WLON will have all the action for you this weekend along with “live” video coverage on www.ktcbroadcasting.com.  It’s possible these two local teams could meet again this weekend.

Hats off to the Shelby Junior All Stars 13/14 year old team aas they downed Johnson County 10-0 to win the Tar Heel League State Championship.

The Shelby 8 and under girls softball team  downed Louisberg 19-8 to win the state Tar Heel 8 and under championship.  And for the second straight year the Shelby 14 and under All Stars won the state Tar Heel 14 and under title with a 16-1 win over Western Harnett.

Former Cherryville Ironmen and now Gastonia Grizzlies outfielder Thomas Bess is out three weeks with a dislocated left shoulder after suffering the injury while sliding into home.  Bess was hitting .316 for the season at the time of his injury.

Shelby High has a new head girls basketball coach.  He’s Jason Smith who was head girls coach at Hough High School in Cornelius.  He had a 37-16 overall record at the school.  Smith replaces Cal Pass who resigned after last season’s 10-10 record.

The Gaston Gazette has named its 2014 All-Gazette baseball team.  The Gazette player of the year was Ethan Reep of Highland Tech and is now Gaston County’s All-Time strikeout leader.  He has signed to play at Lenoir Rhyne.  Other first team members included Mason Smith of North Gaston, Tanner Muse of South Point, Garrett Sutton of Forestview, Andrew Jordan of Hunter Huss, Alex Reynolds of Kings Mountain, Alston Mosteller of Cherryville, Jha’Qui Adams of Bessemer City, Jonathan Carpenter of Cherryville, Austin Buchanan of East Lincoln, Wes Wood of Ashbrook and Christian Hilty of Lincoln Charter.  Jesse Martin of North Gaston was named the Coach of the Year after leading the Wildcats to a 20-4 record and a Big South 2A/3A Conference title.

Madison Carter of Bessemer City was named the Gaston Gazette’s girls softball Player of the Year.  Carter hit .662 this past season and will be heading to Lenoir Rhyne this fall.  Other first team members included Haley Stewart of South Point, Chloe Hamilton of North Gaston, Cassidy Wise of West Lincoln, Emily Hester of Kings Mountain, Kylee Leonhardt of West Lincoln, Madison Armstrong of Highland Tech, Hollyn Franklin of North Lincoln, Marisa Harkey of Clover, Caitlin Hay of Cherryville, Brezzy Davis of North Gaston and Emily Kenley of Lincoln Charter.  Abbey Norwood of North Gaston was named the Girls Coach of the Year after leading the Lady Wildcats to a 15-8 record and the Big South 2a/3a championship.

Several area high school football players have been named to the NC Preps Dot Com all state football teams.  They include Kings Mountainn offensive lineman Graham Keeter, South Point linebacker Tanner Muse, Lincolnton defensive lineman Darian Roseboro, Lincolnton defensive back Quinlyn Harris, East Lincoln quarterback Chazz Surratt, Bessemer City running back Cedric Mackey.

Gaston Day has named a new head girls basketball coach.  She’s Kristin Gary.  Gary was previously the assistant coach.  Former head coach Brooke Wilkinson resigned to take a collegiate coaching position.  Gary is a 2005 graduate of East Gaston High School.

Kings Mountain’s James Tillman scored 16 points for the West All-Stars as the West downed the East All Stars 98-86 in the North Carolina Coaches Association East/West All Star boys basketball game in Greensboro.  Tillman also added nine rebounds.  Shelby’s Gabe DeVoe pulled down 12 rebounds.

When A Deer Is Not A Dear

What’s Up with Thinkin’ ‘Bout It

By Dr. Vincent Hefner - First Baptist in Cherryville

It was a hot, July, Saturday afternoon when I decided to go on a 30 mile bicycle ride. I wanted to ride early in the morning, but other obligations changed my morning ride to an evening ride. There are a number of reasons it is better to ride a bicycle in the early morning hours. First, there is not as much traffic on the road, which cuts down on the chances of being hit by a car. Secondly, the heat is not a factor in the early morning as opposed to the late afternoon. It is a draining experience to be riding a bike while the temperature is in the low 90’s.  Thirdly, the chance for a rain shower in the morning is not as great as in the afternoon. I have been caught in a thunderstorm 20 miles away from home. Let me tell you, it is no fun riding in the rain!

Out of all the hobbies I have tried over the past years, riding a road bike is my favorite. It is not as dangerous as another hobby I have attempted, white water kayaking. The sense of accomplishment in riding a bike 40, 50 miles is great. The biggest difference between these sports is one is being on dry ground and the other is on water. However, both of these sports have very real and dangerous obstacles. You can drown in water, but you don’t have to worry about getting run over by a vehicle while you are being pulled down a river. Both the water and dry ground have rocks, and in either place, a rock in the wrong place can really ruin your day! However, the biggest difference between riding a bicycle and floating on a kayak is the wildlife. You may not consider a dog to be “wildlife,” but when “Snoopy” is in high speed pursuit of your leg or back tire, he looks wild to me!  It is one thing to get bitten by a dog, it is another to be pulled off a bike and crashed on the road. I have wrecked a number of times on a bicycle, but I was a young teenager and I healed faster. If I wreck on my bike at my age, it could take months or years for all the skin to grow back and the bones to properly mend. It is safe to say that dogs are my number one fear while riding a bike, or at least they were my number one fear. I have a new number one dread of wildlife, and that is a deer! Yes, I said “deer.” I never thought I would worry about getting hit by a deer on a bicycle, but that is what almost happened! I was within 3 miles of home and the rider behind yelled, “Lookout for the Deer!”  Sure enough, two deer cut right in front of me (they didn’t even signal!), just a few seconds before we would have had a collision of biblical proportion. I believe it would have been the topic of discussion in Cherryville for years to come. Just 3 seconds separated me from a funeral where people would have been whispering, “He got ran over by a what? A deacon? A diesel? A deer?…He got ran over by a deer!” I don’t care who you are, you never want your own funeral to bring more smiles than tears.

What is the spiritual lesson in all of this? Regardless of how healthy, young, rich, blessed, etc… you are, never, ever, take life for granted. James 4:13-14 says, “Come now, you who say, ‘Today or tomorrow, we shall go to such and such a city, and spend a year there and engage in business and make a profit.’ Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.”  Make the most of right now! Honor God today with your thoughts and actions, because tomorrow just might be too late!

Remember, Don’t Give Into Sin!

Think About It!

Francine And Chuck Discuss The Casino Issue

What’s Up with Dr. Bo

By Dr. Bo Wagner is pastor of the Cornerstone Baptist  Church of Mooresboro, NC, and author of several books.  His books are available  atwww.wordofhismouth.com

“I just don’t know, Chuck,” Francine said as she shook her head slowly. The coffee in the cup beside her was piping hot, and the steam gave off a good smell to start the day.  Chuck had his head buried in the sports section.  Kings Mountain looked to have a good team this year; a lot of the starters would be back.

“Hmm?” he said absentmindedly, “don’t know about what?”

Francine pointed to the front page laying in front of her plate.  “The casino project.”

Chuck put the sports section down, re-adjusted his glasses, and glanced at the upside down paper.  Even from that skewed perspective he could read the headline, “Casino to bring thousands of jobs to the area.”

“What’s not to be sure of?” he intoned.  “Jobs come first, right?”

“I’m not sure it’s quite that simple,” his wife of twenty years answered. She had a few wrinkles around her eyes, he thought, but they were beautiful to him.  They were signs both of her oft smiling face, and of the wisdom in that head of hers.  She spent a lot of time thinking, thinking made her scrunch her face, and scrunching caused those wrinkles.  Odd, how he could think all of that in a split second of time.

“What’s on your mind, honey?”

“The fact that if that were really true, if ‘jobs come first, period,’ then why are things like meth labs, prostitution, and sweat shops illegal?”

“I’m not so sure that’s a good comparison, babe, after all, all of those things hurt people, and the Bible tells us to love our neighbor as ourselves.”

“It’s odd that you bring that up, she said with a wry smile, because that is the exact same phrase of Scripture that got me thinking of how bad of an idea this is.  Think about it.  What could be less loving and more harmful to our neighbors than bringing in an entity that can only survive on the losses of others?  I am pretty sure no one ever said, ‘You know, I’d like to do something for the benefit of humanity. I know, I’ll open a casino!’ Casinos have to win, consistently, in order to survive, and that means that their customers, our neighbors, have to lose consistently.  Do you actually know any of our neighbors that can afford that?”

“No, I guess not, not when you put it that way.”

“And another thing,” she said with a growing fervor, “did you know that Steve Wynn, owner of one of the biggest casinos in the country said ‘The only way to win at a casino is to own one?’ He said that in an interview with Charlie Rose in 2009. That is why casino owners themselves don’t gamble! His own dad was a compulsive addicted gambler, yet he went into the casino business, where is the love in that?

“And I get a little nervous the more and more I dig into this and realize the kickbacks that government gets from all of this.  The very people that are supposedly regulating it are profiting from it!  That doesn’t sound much like loving your neighbor. And what about all of the mom and pop shops that such a ‘big business’ will destroy?  Who’s loving them?”

Chuck just looked at his wife and smiled a thousand watt smile.

“What?” she asked.

“After all the years, you keep on adding new wisdom lines around those eyes. Don’t ever stop, honey.  Keep speaking up, and maybe our elected officials will eventually know what I already know: you are right, as usual.”

Dr. Wagner can be contacted by email at 2knowhim@cbc-web.org


Let’s Talk Bible - Since 1975

By Evangelist  W.C. “Dub” Dellinger

We are speaking in spiritual terms as Jesus did.  In my lifetime of teaching and preaching the True Word of God, now over 65 years, I find that many are trying to go to heaven on their own terms.  Or what someone has taught them.  How to live a Christian life and go to Heaven!  My friend, there is only one way and Jesus said it to Nicodeman. “You must be born again”.  That is the start. There is no other way after the age of accountablity. This means knowing what is right from what is wrong.  This is where Mother and Father comes in and a good Sunday School and Bible teacher really comes in.  Now here in America you had better watch out because Mom and Dad have been hoodwinked into believing and joining the big church that have big numbers. Some say live righteous and you can go to Heaven, which is taught wrong.  If your Bible says that just put it aside.  Get you a Red Letter King James Version Bible and listen to it.  It has not been rewritten in man’s opinion.  First get rid of your sins and have Godly sorrow for committing them.  When the Lord sees that you are sorry He will save you from a Devil’s Hell.  Then you have the true righteousness of your Savior.  Keep in mind that you can never live good enough to earn this yourself.  Just because you belong to some big denomination does not mean you are saved.  Only the Reborn are the true church of God that your Savior gave his life for that day on Calvary.  Preachers and Teachers,  get the right Bible and ask God to show you what the scriptures mean.  Trust the Lord to do this for you.  God can show anyone the depth of the Bible. That is the only way you can really understand it.  Try the Prodical Son Parable.

july 18, 2014



Whats Up With All State?

By Calvin Hastings - KTC Broadcasting, Inc
By Calvin Hastings - KTC Broadcasting, Inc

Local Sports with Calvin

Several area girls softball and boys baseball players were named All-State this past week.  Girls softball players included Caitllin Hay and Bayleigh Henley of Cherryville, Madison Armstrong of Highland Tech, Carly Byrum of Hunter Huss, Ashton Cauthen of Stuart Cramer, Katie Hively, Madison Ferguson, Cassidy Wise and Kylee Leonhardt of West Lincoln, Marah Branham of Ashbrook, Chloe Hamilton and Brezzy Davis of North Gaston, Sidney Russell and Hollyn Franklin of North Lincoln, and Haley Stewart of South Point. Madison Armstrong of Highland Tech was named the District 6 1A Player of the Year.  Kylee Leonhardt of West Lincolnton was named the District 6 2A Player of the Year. Cassidy Wise of West Lincoln was named the Distrist 6 2A Co-Pitcher of the Year.

Several area baseball players were named All-State. They included Mason Smith of North Gaston, Alex Bivins of Burns, Bradley Keller of Crest, Tanner Muse of South Point, Christian Hilty of Lincoln Charter, Alston Mosteller of Cherryville, and Ethan Reep of Highland Tech.

Several local high school football players have been named to the NCPreps Preseason All State Football Team.  They include Lincolnton’s defensive end, Darian Roseboro, South Point safety, Tanner Muse, and Lincolnton defensive back, Quinlyn Harris.

The Shelby City Park Little League Tar Heel 11/12 year old baseball all-stars downed Hildebran 13-11 last Friday to capture the District 1 Championship.  The team now travels to the Little Tar Heel State Tournament in Hickory July 17-20.

The Dallas Dixie Youth team has advanced to the Dixie Youth coach Pitch World Series in Texarkana, Arkansas set for July 17th-July 21st.  The team advanced after winning two games against Youngsville.  The team will compete for a coach pitch world series title.

The Boger City Optimist Sweetees 6 and under girls all star softball team won the Dixie Youth championship and will advance to the Dixie Youth 6 and under World Series July 25th-July 30th in Bay Street, Missouri.  They will open play against the Tennessee state champion.

Shelby’s Spencer Jones has been named the North Carolina Central University Student/Athlete of the Month for June.  Jones is on the men’s golf team with an average of 77.4 last year which is third on the schools all time scoring list.

Lincolnton’s Carolina Heat won the 7th grade boys division of the USBA Battle of the Beach Championship.  They will now represent Lincolnton in the USBA national championship July 15-19 in North Myrtle Beach.

The Lincoln Country Club just held its junior championsip last week.  Chase Cheatham won the 12 and under division.  Alston Taylor won the 16/17 year old division, and Jake Haynes won the 14/15 year old division.

The Shelby City Park is hosting 40 girls softball teams and some 700 players  this weekend for the 2014 Tarheel League State Girls Fast pitch softball championships.  72 games will be played at the softball complexes at the City Park.  Five teams from Shelby will be competing, including the 8 and under division, the 10 and under division, the 12 and under division, the 14 and under division, and the 17 and under division.

Former South Point Red Raider and now East Carolina Pirate Maurice Falls has been named to the Dick Butkus Award watch list.  In addition, former Ashbrook star and UNC football player Norkethus Otis was also named to the list.  They are  one of 51 players from across the nation to be named to the list.

At the time of this writing, two area teams were still in the running for the American Legion Baseball  Area IV Championship.  They include Shelby Post 82 and the Gaston Braves.  Shelby eliminated Gastonia Post 23 three games to none and the Gaston Braves are leading Asheville two games to none.