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New Uptown Mural Location


Have you noticed a new mural in Uptown Shelby? Uptown Shelby Association has completed another mural location on the corner of Marion and Morgan Streets in Uptown Shelby. In conjunction with the property owners a new mural has been erected at another gateway point in to Uptown Shelby, the first being at the corner of Graham and Lafayette Streets.

The first mural displayed is Uptown Shelby’s own Thinking Thursdays, Think Uptown marketing promotion of Thursday night concerts, movies, and the entire Uptown experience of shopping and dining.

The mission of the Uptown Shelby Gateway Mural is to say ‘Welcome to Uptown Shelby’ as people enter into our historic district at Lafayette and Graham Streets and Marion and Morgan Streets. The Gateway murals are designed to showcase and raise awareness of Shelby nonprofit organizations, clubs and uptown events. The Gateway Mural is on private property but Uptown Shelby Association manages the schedule, if you have an idea for a mural contact Uptown Shelby Association.

For more information on Uptown Shelby events please visit our website www.uptownshelby.org, become a friend on our Facebook page and get up to date information on any and all events going on in uptown or simply call our office 704-484-3100.

Grand Openings


A Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting was held by the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce on July 12, 2011, 10:30 am, for Casa Garcia Mexican Restaurant located at 7260 Highway 73, Suite 101, Denver, NC. Casa Garcia is owned by Mr. Victor Aguirre.

Pictured cutting the ribbon to officially open the restaurant is Past Chair of the Board, Bill McLucas, CPA and employees of Casa Garcia. Chamber members attending the ribbon cutting were treated to lunch following the ceremony.

Ken Kindley, Chamber President commented, “The Grand Opening for Casa Garcia was the nineteenth of the year conducted by the Chamber. Our next Grand Opening will be on Thursday, July 14, 2011 at VitaStile Hair Design also located in Denver at 4359 North Highway 16, Suite 4.” The Grand Opening will be held at 10:00 am.


A Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting was held on Thursday, July 14, 2011, at 10:00 am for VitaStile Hair Designs located in Denver, NC at 4359, Highway 16. VitaStile Hair Designs is owned by Mrs. Gay Coast-Frampton.

Speaking at the ceremony on behalf of the Chamber was Mr. Bill McLucas, CPA, Past Chair of the Board. Mr. McLucas welcomed Mrs. Frampton as a new Chamber member and encouraged her to get involved in Chamber activities and promote her business at Chamber networking events. Emcee of the Grand Opening was Ken Kindley, Chamber President.

Pictured cutting he ribbon is Mr. McLucas and Mrs. Gay Coast-Frampton. Following the ribbon cutting, Chamber members in attendance were treated to refreshments.


A Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting was held for Carolina Imaging

Stewart-Hass Finishes 1-2

Rubbin’s Racing in NASCAR

By Clint Spencer

Ryan Newman picked up his first win of the season Sunday afternoon by winning the Lenox Industrial Tools 301 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  This was Ryan’s 15th career victory and first for Stewart-Hass Racing in 2011.  Tony Stewart finished the race in second but it felt more like a win for the two car owner.  “For the organization to take the front row and get first and second, you couldn’t ask for a better weekend,” Stewart said. Newman who started from the pole and ended his 47 race winless streak, said these words after the race “We’ll relish this moment and figure out what we did right so we can keep doing it”

Newman’s win on Sunday moved him one position into 8th place while teammate Tony Stewart remains 11th another week.  Denny Hamlin finished the 301 mile race in third and remains 10th in the standings.  Joey Logano finished the day in fourth place while last year’s champion, Jimmie Johnson, battled his way to a fifth place finish.  Johnson climbed three spots to second in the standings while Carl Edwards took back the lead with seven points separating him from second.  Last week’s point’s leader, Kyle Busch, fell four spots to fifth after a 36th place finish.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. dropped another spot to ninth after ending his day in 15th.

If you want to find the last time teammates started and finished in the 1st and 2nd place positions, you would have to turn back in NASCAR’s history book to the 1989 Daytona 500.  Ken Schrader started from the pole while teammate Darrell Waltrip started beside him in 2nd.  Unlike Sunday’s race the pole sitter, Schrader, did not win the race.  Instead, Darrell Waltrip who started second would take home his first and only Daytona 500 trophy on that memorable Day.

Silly Season is already upon us and the biggest story coming out of the garage is the possibility of Carl Edwards going to Joe Gibbs Racing.  Edwards, who is currently leading the standings, could replace Logano in the #20 or start a 4th entry for JGR next year.  Logano would take the 4th car if indeed Edwards took over the #20.  I will keep you updated as more information comes out.

No prediction this week.  The Sprint Cup Series returns on July 31st for The Brickyard 400 at Indy.  If you need your NASCAR fix the Truck Series and Nationwide Series are both running at Nashville.  The truck race is scheduled to air Friday night while the Nationwide Series is slated for Saturday night.

What’s Up With Higher Learning


By:  Danyel Phelps

Last week was Water Week at Higher Learning Child Care Academy in Shelby.  One of the special events was their “Letters to God” or “Meassage on a Bottle.”  The group learned what happened to Nathan and about water safety.   They also watched the movie “Letters to God.”  The children wrote their own letters and did pictures to send down the river to help remember Nathan and what happened to him.   The act will hopefully keep his memory alive and help remind people to practice safety in the river.   For more information call Higher Learning Child Care Academy at 704-751-6358.

Four Gospel Music Concerts For 181St Rock Spring Camp Meeting

DENVER, NC–With the 181st Rock Spring Methodist Camp Meeting fast approaching campground officials have been busy making plans for various events that will take place between July 31 and August 14. One of their priorities has been securing singing groups for the various Gospel Music concerts held annually.

For 2011 there will be four Gospel concerts. Festivities will begin, Sunday, July 31, 7:00 p.m. when The World Famous, Old Fashioned Singing Chuck Wagon Gang of Ft. Worth, Texas will return for the second consecutive year by popular demand.

“Based on the huge audience that attended last year with ninety plus degrees weather and comments we heard following the Chuck Wagon Gang concert the board of trustees of the campground reached a conclusion that this is Chuck Wagon Gang country and all members were in agreement to invite them back this year,” said campground trustee chairman, Van Barker, Jr.

The Chuck Wagon Gang is in its 75th year of singing the old songs. A simple, yet distinctive sound created by group founder Dave “Dad” Carter is credited with helping preserve the group. It is the oldest mixed quartet that has continuously recorded Gospel Music. Over the years, the Chuck Wagon Gang has managed to record well over 750 songs and sell nearly 40 million records.

Today’s group is a third generation Chuck Wagon Gang yet there are ties that go back to founder Carter. Shaye Smith, his great granddaughter sings with the group at over 100 concerts each year.

Joining the Chuck Wagon Gang will be the Southerners Quartet and the Witness Quartet.

As in the past a night will be reserved for area church choirs, local groups, quartets, trios, duets and soloists. Southern, Contemporary, Country and Bluegrass Gospel musicians and singers are invited. This year’s date will be Friday, August 5, beginning at 7:00 p.m. Those interested in participating may register by calling Barker at (704) 483-2710.

Saturday, August 6, beginning at 6:00 p.m. will be what is known as the “Big Sing.” Headlining the concert will be Naomi and the Segos.

“They are one of the most exciting, classy and sincere groups in Southern Gospel Music today” said Barker. “After 50 years of full-time music ministry, this group continues to create the popular camp meeting sounds that brought them international success.”

Their innovative sound captured the attention of music professionals in Nashville, TN in 1958 and soon after recorded their debut album “Is My Lord Satisfied with Me”.

Within weeks of its release the album had sold 300,000 copies making the Segos a household name in Gospel music. In 1962 the group returned to Nashville to record their second record, which featured a song called “Sorry I Never Knew You”. The album sold over 1 million records making the Sego Brothers and Naomi the first Southern Gospel group to go platinum. Over the next several years a string of hits followed. During 2011 Naomi and the Segos are presenting the “Tribute Tour” featuring the groups most requested songs from past years.

Joining Naomi and Segos on the “Big Sing” will be The Pine Ridge Boys, another legendary group that originated in 1963. As time went on, some members left and some came back. Today’s group consists of original member and group owner, Jim Stewart. Jim has sung bass for almost 60 years. In 2003 he received the Living Legend Southern Gospel Music Award”.

Gabriel’s Call will also be featured. The group is a traditional male quartet that has been together since 2001.

Another group on the bill will be the Gospelaires which originated in 1966 as a female quartet. From 1966 to 1993 many changes molded this quartet to make it what it is today. Currently the Gospelaires is a mixed male and female group.

New for 2011 at Rock Spring Campground will be an all Bluegrass Gospel Concert. The inaugural such performance will take place Saturday, August 13, beginning at 7 p.m.

“Last year was the first time we had a Bluegrass Gospel group included on the “Big Sing” and the audience acceptance was overwhelming,” stated Barker, “Based on that we decided to add an evening of Bluegrass Gospel that will feature four great groups of singers and pickers.”

2010 Dover Award nominees, The Far City Boys will headline the concert. They have been sharing their talents for playing Bluegrass Gospel for over 15 years. The band started in 1995 and in l997 they were invited to compete in the North Carolina Folk Festival competition at the Asheville Civic Center, where they won first place.

The group’s 2009 album, “I Have Been Truly Blessed” was nominated for Bluegrass Gospel Album of the Year at the 2010 Dove Awards. Destined 4 Glory will also grace the stage.

“This is a very unique group as it is composed of five teenagers with the elder statesman of the group being 15 years of age,” said Barker.

Rounding out the Bluegrass Gospel pickers and singers will be the Catawba Valley Boys and the Misty River Band. The two groups are made up of highly experienced artists with many years of on stage performances to their credit.

Each concert will held under the campus open air arbor built in 1832 with sheltered seating for 1,000 and space for thousands of chairs outside the historic structure. Practically anywhere in the concert area gives a perfect view of the stage whether sheltered or outside under the oak grove that surrounds the arbor. Religious services will be held under the arbor daily August 1-14.

The Rock Spring Methodist Campground established in 1830 was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972 by the United States Department of Interior, a rarity for a religious property. Only when such properties are of primary historical nature are they included in the register.The Rock Spring Methodist Campground is located 1/2-miles east of Hwy. NC 16 in Denver on Campground Road. Additional information on the concerts may be obtained by calling 704 483-2710.

Parents Will Always Play The Guilt Card

What’s Up with Revelling In It

By Rebecca Revels

It doesn’t matter how old you are, parents can still play that guilt card well. Even though, at times they can manage to be a bit more subtle about it. My mom got me just the other day, but I still came out ahead in the end.

My parents have a very tall blueberry bush at the edge of their yard, with a lot of smaller bushes growing up around it. The tall bush has to be fifteen feet at its highest branch. Why am I discussing this?  The blueberries are starting to get big, fat and juicy, ripe. Where are they the most ripe? On top of the bush, of course!  Where does the guilt part in this come into play? When the bushes first came into bloom I said that I would pick the blueberries. Now, some were ready, on top of the bush. My mother asked me the other afternoon if I was going to pick the berries because if I wasn’t then dad would do it, but she really didn’t want him up on that ladder. I didn’t want my eighty something dad up on that ladder either, and she knew it. So I quickly told her I would pick the berries the next afternoon.

How was I supposed to know that it would get to be that doggone hot? Dad’s bushes are right there in the afternoon sun on the edge of a bank at the edge of his yard, surrounded by smaller bushes that I didn’t want to damage and a few briars that I would gladly mow down if they weren’t protected by the berry bushes. Dad called late in the afternoon to ask if I were still planning on picking the berries, telling me that he had just taken the dog out for a walk and it was cooler. Fine, I’m coming.

It took me a few minutes to get my shoes back on and find my plastic berry picking bucket. I also grabbed my camera and headed for dad’s blueberry bush. Once I got my camera secured on a bush I set down the bucket and went to fetch that ladder. It’s a rickety, six foot aluminum ladder that is probably a painter’s ladder. It has that little shelf thing which is a good place for the berry bucket, but this ladder is not my favorite place to be. I do have this tendency to be nervous of if not downright afraid of heights; even if it is only six feet off the ground.

I decided that I would work my way up the bush. I cleaned that bush of everything anywhere near ripe there along the lower branches. I reached up just as far as I could leaning in and around the branches that held the berries. I stood on tip toe trying to reach and did pretty well. Finally, I had no choice; I had to use the ladder.

Even with the ladder I kept to my plan on starting low and working my way up; moving up the ladder around and around that bush everywhere that I could that I wasn’t worried about it falling off the embankment.  I love my dirt road, but I simply do not wish to do a face plant into its less than cushy dirt. I picked berries for a little over an hour. There were moments when I would get very nervous on that ladder when it would take to being very wobbly and unstable; moments when I was reaching out just as far as I could in an attempt not to climb any higher on that ladder.

Finally I had picked all that I could without a serious risk of falling. Those few that I couldn’t reach I was sure that the birds that had been giving me the devil the entire time would enjoy. Climbing down from the ladder I put it away then went back for my camera and blueberry goodies. Walking back toward the house I stopped long enough to tell dad I was finished and going home and even share a portion of the bounty with him. When I walked into the house and stored the berries I couldn’t help but smile and be thankful. The Lord looks after us, supplying us with good food and protection –and guardian angels to hold wobbly, aluminum ladders steady.  This is a good thing, because I noticed just the other day that there are more berries now ripe and ready, waiting to be picked.

The Promises Of God Are Our Foundation

What’s Up with Lisa

By Lisa Harper - momtocam@gmail.com

“And if my people, upon whom my name has been pronounced, humble themselves and pray, and seek my presence and turn from their evil ways, I will hear them from heaven and pardon their sins and revive their land.” - 2 Chronicles 7:14

Right now, we are witnessing a truly historic collapse of the economy, and yet most Americans do not understand what is going on. The standard of living of the average American has taken a tumble, and many are continuing to see their families budges go South.

The American dream of life getting better for each new generation feels like a myth to many of today’s young adults. I am reminded of the movie Groundhog Day that brought us the reality of waking up and experiencing the same day over and over. I am feeling those thoughts more lately than I choose to count. After celebrating the July 4th holiday I couldn’t help but reflect on how things in America have totally shifted from what our forefathers initiated so many years ago. Never in my generation did I ever fathom witnessing what we are hearing and seeing day to day with the economy. The U.S. economy was once the greatest economic machine in modern world history.  It was truly a wonder to behold.  It worked so well that entire generations of Americans came to believe that America would enjoy boundless prosperity indefinitely. I worry that if things don’t change for the better that we will one day be celebrating “In Dependents Day” rather than Independence Day. Or maybe the 4th of July holiday will simply be erased off the calendar all together? I pray the latter does not occur.

Recently I read many statistics on the alarming and negative changes that are taking place. The one that stuck out to me to the most was this one; the number of “low income jobs” in the U.S. has risen steadily over the past 30 years and they now account for 41 percent of all jobs in the United States. I can personally relate to this one since I recently returned back to work last month. Though I am very grateful to be working again, the one element that bothers me is the older I get it seems I have less than ever before and that I am earning less money now than I was making ten years ago. Groceries and gas prices continue to rise, yet wages are seemingly on a decline for many Americans. No matter what their work history and experience may be, one finds that they have to accept a job (any job) in order to keep a roof over their head. It has become a vicious cycle for millions.

We have turned our backs on the principles of our forefathers and the principles of those that founded this nation.  We have rejected the ancient wisdom that was handed down to us. It has been said that those that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind.  America is no longer standing on the principles of God but rather on a shaking pedestal of corruption. America is crumbling hard, yet no one is reaching out to God for help. Our President said he would give us Change. The only thing I have yet seen a change in it our religious freedom that has been taken away from us and it continues to be taken away in so many areas of our life.

A long time ago God made a covenant and promise to Abraham that if Abraham would OBEY Him, God would bless Abraham with descendants who would number as the sands of the seashore. He also promised that in Abraham’s (one) seed the whole world would be blessed.  God has blessed the people of this nation when they called out to Him and when they have fought wars, protecting this homeland, because of His promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It can only be hoped that He will, once more, have that mercy upon us.

In these times of worry, hardship, stress, and so much more…I will continue to keep the faith and put all of my trust in God.  I am so quickly reminded not only for today, but in days to come the quote from Ronald Reagan…. ‘If we ever forget that we’re one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.’ –

God is faithful to guard His Word and will do that which He has said. We can count on Him for He is a shield to all who take refuge in Him. Psalm 18:29-39.

The Twilight Zone, Floating or Falling?

What’s Up With Thinking Bout It

By Vince Hefner Pastor of First Baptist of Cherryville

Hate is a strong word and I seldom want to use it. I had rather use language that is more positive and uplifting, even when I talk about things that I dislike. However, when it comes to flying in an airplane, I really hate it. If I had to make a short list on the things I hate, it would be flying, waiting on something unnecessarily, and being confined in a tight place. A few days ago I had the opportunity to experience all three things at the same time, which is like a nightmare from the twilight zone! I was flying to Daytona for a conference with my wife and another couple when I was placed in a situation where I expected Rod Sterling (creator of Twilight Zone) to appear and explain what seemed like the unexplainable. First things first. When my luggage and my person were examined for dangerous weapons, it was discovered my toothpaste was too big a risk to take on the plane so it was taken from me. No big loss, but for the record it was a new tube. After the search and seizure, all that remained was to get on the plane and fly to Daytona, which was supposed to take about hour and a half. After we boarded the plane the captain told us we had a mechanical problem but it wouldn’t take but a few minutes to get it fixed and we would be on our way. I don’t like to be in a tight space any longer than I have to be, but if it is only going to take a few minutes, well, that is no problem. Forty-five minutes later the captain told us the plane was fixed but was storming in Daytona and we would have to wait until the storm is past, which shouldn’t be but about 30 more minutes. As bothersome as his update was, I have been in a plane in the middle of a storm, and trust me; the tarmac is way more comfortable than being tossed around in the air like a tennis shoe in a dryer! Between the plane being broke and the weather being bad, we were on the plane over 4 hours when we touched down in Daytona.
The one good thing about having all your oppressive thoughts happen at the same time is that you realize you can handle them all at once and your worst fears isn’t as bad as you thought. Well, that’s what I told myself. While we were up in the air, above the clouds, I felt like I was on a roller coaster. I have never liked roller coasters, since life for me is exciting enough without being pulled up and down and upside down, but that’s just me. My wife was sitting next to me looking out the window having a grand old time. She would say, “Vince, look at clouds, look at the clouds! Isn’t this great? I feel like I’m floating!!!” How can two people be in the same place at the same time and feel totally opposite? I was not excited, I didn’t want to see the topside of any clouds, and I didn’t feel like I was floating, I felt like I was falling.

When you give it some thought, people can go through life (on the ground) with one of two views on how to be blessed. Those that live for the things of this world feel blessed because they can do what they want for their own benefit. Those that live for Christ feel blessed because they belong to the Son of God. Psalm 119:1-3 tells us, “Blessed are the undefiled in the way, who walk in the law of the Lord. Blessed are they that keep His testimonies, and seek him with their whole heart. They also do no iniquity; they walk in His ways.” Never forget that it is a blessing to serve Christ, regardless of the present circumstances that you might be experiencing. The Bible reassures us of that truth. The next time you feel you are falling through life instead of floating on the promises of God, remind yourself that you serve a God that loves you and has redeemed you to become part of His special family.

Remember, Don’t Give In To Sin,Think About It!

July 15, 2011

July 15, 2011

Diamond Pawn

Click Here For July 4th Photos

Click Here For July 4th Photos

BeachBlast in Kings Mountain

The water, the sand, the sun, the music and the fun – that’s life along the Grand Strand!  On Saturday, July 23rd, Kings Mountain, NC will feel more like Ocean Drive as the City celebrates, for the 12th year, BeachBlast.  This event brings the beach experience downtown to Patriots Park.  BeachBlast will begin at 10 am and beach music fans can shag into the summer night with music at the Gazebo by Crimson Rose, Ocean Blvd. & Second Nature.  The water features will include the Rotary Splash Pad and frequent rounds of Water Wars.  This free event will start with competition in the Teenie Weenie Bikini Contest (from newborn to six years old), along with a watermelon eatin’ contest, a Woodie car show, corn hole tournament with over $1000. in prize money, and the Big Beach Ball Drop scheduled throughout the day.  Show off your skills during a beach volleyball open competition.  We provide the sand, the net, the ball and you provide the talent!  Join in with the YMCA or bring a team.  A variety of amusement rides and games will be open all day until 10 pm when the event ends.

Many downtown retail shops and restaurants will be open throughout the day.  A variety of food vendors, from Philly cheese steak sandwiches to barbecue and from Italian ice to ice cream, will be available for every palate.  Also, over 50 art and craft vendors will line Gold Street downtown Kings Mountain with their unique art, crafts and collectibles for sale.  For more information visit www.cityofkm.com or call 704-734-0333.